Another shameless Chinese knockoff: Land Rover is the latest victim


It seems that Jaguar Land Rover is in a tizzy (actually reports say they are "furious") over the release of a new Chinese crossover called the LandWind, which looks oddly identical to the Range Rover Evoque crossover. Could it be that China has copied the exact design of the Range Rover Evoque? How could it be?

Of course, we know how it happens. Jaguar recently constructed a $1.8-billion factory in China to build enough Range Rover Evoque's to satisfy the eager and very large Chinese desire for the latest and greatest in automobiles. And as we have learned over the past 20+ years, when you give them blueprints and teach them how to build it, they will most certainly use that know-how and technology to their own advantage.

The Associated Press reported that at a press conference at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, where the LandWind (they were even very creative in trying to change the name!) was debuted, Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralph Speth expressed his dismay at the "copy-paste" methods of the Chinese. Gee, Ralph, is this the first time you've heard about Chinese knockoffs?

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