Amyris and Kuraray expand collaboration in farnesene-based polymers -- K Trade Fair


Amyris and Kuraray expand collaboration in farnesene-based polymers

The companies have agreed to extended the duration of the R+D portion of their collaboration for at least two more years. The parties also reaffirmed their commercialisation goals by expanding types of, and fields of use for, Kuraray polymer products containing Biofene - e. g. viscosity index improvers, sealants, and adhesives.
In addition, Amyris will receive an undisclosed amount of collaboration funding over the next two years and Kuraray has purchased approximately USD 4 million of Amyris' common stock. The companies launched their collaboration in 2011 with an initial focus on using Biofene-based polymers to replace petroleum-derived feedstocks in tyres.During this time, Kuraray has developed Biofene-based liquid rubber (LFR) that reacts with tyre rubber more easily than traditional materials and strengthens adhesion of rubber components to improve tyre shape, stability, and performance. Today, leading tyre manufacturers are conducting field, safety and performance tests of Kuraray's Biofene-based liquid rubber in their tyre formulations with a number of these tests nearing conclusion.Also, during this period, Kuraray produced and began customer sampling and product evaluation for a new category of elastomers, Hydrogenated Styrenic Farnesene Copolymer (HSFC), which have shown to have improved flow properties and low residual strain, opening opportunities for vibration dampening product applications.