Absolute Haitian highlights molding machine solutions


The success of the Haitian Jupiter II servo-hydraulic two- platen injection molding machine (the second generation of the Jupiter Series) has led to the introduction of new, smaller model sizes and new wide-platen options for North American molders.

Previously available from 1,349 to 4,496 U.S. tons, new model sizes include 440, 618, 730, 844 and 1069 U.S. tons., meeting molders’ desire for greater efficiency and a wider range of applications. The high-performance Jupiter II is provided with extra wide platens to open the possibility for molders to accommodate larger parts while paying for a smaller, less expensive machine size. The wide-platen Jupiter II is available in 1,069, 1349, and 1798 U.S ton models.

Haitian’s commitment to the two-platen, servo-hydraulic Jupiter II is indicated by the commencement of construction of a new manufacturing facility in 2013 dedicated to the two-platen platform. The new manufacturing facility in Yanshan, Ningbo, China will total 1,650,548 sq-ft (153,341m2) upon completion in 2015. Dedicated to efficient throughput, the new facility is already contributing to faster delivery times for customers.

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