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A complete solution to Calendaring Grade TPU for Eco-friendly Synthetic Leather.

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The synthetic leather has been developed for over 50 years from PVC synthetic leather, PU synthetic leather to microfiber synthetic leather. Because the materials are cheap and durable, more and more enterprises choose synthetic leather to replace natural leather. Totally, the synthetic leather that enterprises in the world produce is about 4 billion per year, and it causes great pollution. In order to solve the problem, we provide the complete materials and solution “Calendaring Grade TPU for Eco-friendly Synthetic Leather”.
As an eco-friendly materials supplier, we try hard to develop eco-friendly materials of calendaring grade TPU for eco-friendly synthetic leather. We have complete materials and professional technics for the synthetic leather and adhesion layer. For the foaming base layer, we launch calendaring grade TPU for eco-friendly synthetic leather after many times researches, and as for lamination, we provide waterborne PU adhesive. Also, our waterborne PU could also be applied to top layer, and the synthetic leather will have good performances on scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, flexion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, solvent resistance and yellowing resistance. The followings are introduction and information.
1. Calendaring Grade TPU for Eco-friendly Synthetic Leather
All of our TPU series products passes the international examination and achieves the REACH SVHC standards. We design many kinds of products for different customers’ demand and application; for example, our hydrolysis resistance formula can make products have great hydrolysis resistance, and the products can pass 8-week constant temperature and humidity test. Also, there’s no crack on the leather surface. Leather which made by the hydrolysis resistance materials can pass fire resistance (FMVSS 302) and be applied to high-class cars, furniture and steamships. We also have cheaper products, and they can achieve general grade hydrolysis resistance test. These economic products are soft and foamable, and they can be applied to clothes, cases, shoe materials and furniture.
CPMC’s calendaring grade TPU for eco-friendly synthetic leather can not only solve the problem that traditional PVC and PU synthetic leather brings, but also have five advantages as the followings.
(1) Eco-Friendly Material
TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) has many advantages like good physical properties, degradable, non-toxic and non-plasticizer.
(2) Eco-Friendly Process and High Yield Rate
The process is eco-friendly, and there is no DMF residue in the final products. As a result, the products can solve VOC emission problem effectively. TPU is a kind of thermoplastic materials, and raw materials in producing process can be recycled.
(3) Applicable for Existing Equipment
You can use your existing equipment that produces PVC synthetic leather. This TPU series product has conquered traditional TPU shortcomings like high melting point, large torque and others.
(4) Substitute for PVC/PU Synthetic Leather
The producing way of calendaring grade TPU for eco-friendly synthetic leather is the same as PVC synthetic leather. It can replace PVC raw materials directly.
(5) Upgrade Product Lines & Promote Brand Value
If you use advanced eco-friendly materials, you can promote your brand values and increase consumers ’brand identification. The progress of technics not only enhances products performance, but also creates a sustainable living environment. Consumers who use calendaring grade TPU for eco-friendly synthetic leather don’t worry about toxic solvent residue.
2. Waterborne PU Adhesive
We also provide waterborne PU adhesive for lamination. The solvent of waterborne PU adhesive is water, and it’s safe and eco-friendly. After drying, waterborne PU adhesive just evaporates water and won’t emit VOC.
By adding cross-linking agent, the materials of waterborne PU for top layer can make leather have great abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance and wind resistance. Waterborne PU can applicable for existing roller or knife coating equipment.
We established in 1988, and we sell and manufacture PU & TPU series products; for example, polyurethane adhesive, polyurethane resin, TPU, polyester polyol, SIPEG, polyurethane for packaging and other green products. Our green products are calendaring grade TPU for eco-friendly synthetic leather, solvent-free adhesive for flexible packaging, reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesive, waterborne PU and TPU hot-melt adhesive. These products can be widely applied to you daily life from food packaging, textile, furniture, car interior materials, sporting goods, cable and medical items.
Coating P. Materials Co., Ltd (CPMC) (www.coating.com.tw ) will exhibit at K show 2016 (Booth H52 at 8Bb building) in Germany, Oct 19-26, 2016. For this exhibition, we will present several kinds of new environmental-friendly materials and will satisfy your demand. We sincerely invite you visit this exhibition and us.

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