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ADC-free, kosher, and vegan TPEs

Against the backdrop of increasing concern over the safety of ADCs (animal-derived components, i. e. ingredients of animal origin), Actega DS has succeeded in designing a formula for the ProvaMed TPE which entirely dispenses with ADCs. Particularly with regard to new standards for pharmaceutical and medical plastics, this ADC-free alternative is both a practical and necessary solution. At the same time, the demand for kosher or vegan plastic materials are complied with.The ProvaMed formula free of ADCs is suitable for a wide variety of applications demanding both high-strength and flexible properties as well as being transparent and extremely media-resistant. Such requirement profiles are demanded of the material for tubes and tube systems, for example. The TPEs developed by Actega DS ensure that interaction between the tube material and pharmaceutical or endogenous substances is avoided.The great transparency displayed by the material even permits optical flow control. Radiopaque strips can be integrated in the tube system for tracing the position of tubes in the body. The material strength guarantees buckle resistance and an antimicrobial coating increases germ resistance.
Actega DS GmbH, based in Bremen, Germany, is part of the Altana group and develops and produces speciality coatings, sealants, printing inks, and adhesives for the rigid and flexible packaging and the graphic arts industry.Actega DS at Fakuma
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