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2014: an innovative year for growth in mold manufacturing


2014 has been an innovative year and along with innovation comes growth. Many of the articles and blogs that I wrote this past year brought this innovation to light. When you think of innovation you typically think of technology, but there are also ways to innovate in management.

The three-part series titled "Anatomy of a Molder" was an interesting one to write. It detailed the start-up and growth over three decades of Plastic Molding Manufacturing (PMM), now ResTech Plastic Molding. History is important and it's not often that companies take time to look back at where they came from and consider why they've been successful and where they've stumbled along the way. In talking with the founders of PMM, they realized they did a lot of things right. And it's not over yet. ResTech Plastic Molding just purchased another molding company, True Precision Plastics. [ResTech Plastic Molding acquires True Precision Plastics].

Starting up and running a molding operation takes a lot of time, money, decision-making and risk, but it can pay off when you have the right strategy and the right people in place to help make it happen. It also involves innovative thinking - doing things differently even though you have the same equipment.

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