Apropos K

Smallest 3D printed miniature endoscope in the world

Detection of cholesterol plaques and thrombs inside human and mouse arteries

3D printed miniature endoscope optics inside a blood vessel.
Photo: Florian Sterl, Sterltech Optics

The 3D-printed endoscope, consisting of a transparent glass fibre, a guiding tube for fiber rotation (black) and a transparent sheath for protection, has an overall diameter of less than 0.5 mm. Photo: Universität Stuttgart/ PI 4

Plaques and cholesterol crystals can be detected early

Left: Endoscopic OCT imaging in a severely diseased human carotid artery. Cross-sectional endoscopic OCT image. Right: Masson’s trichrome staining of adjacent sections; blue arrows indicate thrombus that appears to contain fibrin, platelets, and cellular debris. Photo: University of Stuttgart/ PI 4

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