PIE - Polymerprice Reports

Standard Thermoplastics September 2013

Forwarding of costs for most materials / Only PVC and EVA somewhat higher / Demand remains subdued / Easing in feedstocks leads to price pressure in October

Of the European engineering thermoplastics, only the commodity-related ABS and PP compounds reacted to the significant trends in their respective feedstocks during September, going up by as much as EUR 50/t. In contrast, traditional engineering polymers, such as polycarbonate, polyamide, PBT, POM and PMMA, were again glued to the spot, as they have been for several months. Price hikes in the aromatic and C4 chains due to the impact on oil prices stemming from the escalation in the Syrian conflict in late summer were not enough to pump any life into what is gradually developing into a still-life picture. Nor was there anything new to report on other factors relating to the market situation, such as PA 6.6 supply limitations, or continuing import pressure with POM. Thus, business continued very peacefully sideways.

The central aromatic benzene declined again quite significantly in October (down EUR 51/t) while the C4 chain is, after bottoming out, evidently about to climb upwards again in gradual stages. In many areas, these influences are cancelling one another out. There do not appear to be any significant changes on the horizon with either supply or demand. Consequently, traditional engineering thermoplastics will see a few small skirmishes in October. The prospects for ABS and PP compounds, which are frequently oriented more strongly to - currently declining - feedstocks, can be found in the new, detailed reports.

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