PIE - Polymer Price Reports

Engineering thermoplastics November 2021

Prices show little movement in November / Significant increases imminent for flame-retardant and reinforced materials / Production cutbacks with base polymers

With only few exceptions, there was very little movement with engineering thermoplastic prices on the European market. The main reason was that many compound quotations had already been fixed for the quarter. Producers are particularly concerned about the exploding energy and transport costs and are endeavouring to factor them into the product prices. So far, however, they have seldom succeeded. One large producer announced hikes in the high triple-digit range but had to quickly rescind them when converters categorically rejected the move.

The building industry continued to order at a solid rate, and the E&E sector was also operating at a reasonable level. Demand from car production was still very weak, which is why many base polymer plants are now operating at reduced capacity.

The situation is unlikely to change very much in December. Although some of the high price increases announced by the producers will go through, the majority of the rises will probably not be implemented until January, when the negotiations are held for the first quarter of the new year. Significant increases are likely with flame-retardant and reinforced materials, along with the PA 6.6 and PBT compounds that are plagued with feedstock problems.

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