PIE - Polymer Price Reports

Engineering thermoplastics July 2021

Holiday season and weaker demand from car sector ease tensions / Hot autumn looms / Short-glass fibres remain problem child

Stress and pressure characterised Q2. Currently, there is a sense on the market that the tension is easing: as indicated in previous months, assembly lines at carmakers have been slowed because of the chip shortage. This has reduced demand from car producers to a certain extent. In contrast, there were few signs of fatigue in the E+E and construction industries as evidenced in the number of order call-offs. However, panic buying is becoming less common.

At least in Europe, the issue with the supply of bisphenol A (BPA) has improved slightly. The number one problem child is and will remain short-glass fibres: the market has dried up completely, and customers are crying out for the product everywhere. Apart from that, more trouble threatens, this time with PA 6.6 natural, where the cost of butadiene has risen significantly once again. This will inevitably also be reflected in a price hike for the base polymer 6.6.

Overall, producers are keeping their cards close to their chests in the holiday season. In September, however, the situation is likely to look completely different: when forecasts from the car industry are announced, a spirited cranking-up of the price spiral is likely to resume.

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