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Engineering Thermoplastics June 2015

Polycarbonate moves into a higher gear / Other grades still mostly stable / Situation could heat up in the summer / Producers launch extensive hikes at time of strong demand

Western European polycarbonate prices continued to rise in June 2015, and the uptrend even gathered speed. The increase was accompanied by calls for help, as producers appear to be looking for even more drastic rises come H2. Throughout Q2, the price of polycarbonate volumes sold on the open market rose by more than EUR 150/t. By contrast, the upward flight of both ABS and PP compounds has lost some of its momentum, as expected. Notations for all other engineering thermoplastics rolled over.

Demand remained strong in June, too. With no public holidays, orders from the automotive and E&E segments continued to roll in.

While the price of more commodity-related grades like ABS and PP compounds is trending down or stable in July, the more traditional engineering thermoplastics will likely experience quite a hot summer. PC and PA 6.6 notations will almost certainly increase and the uptrend is threatening to take PA 6 along with it, too. PBT and PMMA prices could rise as well, whereas POM still remains somewhat aloof from the pressure. So far, only one producer has called for hikes, meeting with little market acceptance.

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