Plastics innovation inspired by feet

Apropos K

Different configurations change the adhesive effect of the silicone material, whose surface has been given a mushroom-like structure. The adhesion is best when bent concave (right). Image: Emre Kizilkan

Surfaces with a mushroom-like microstructure adhere much better

Silicone surfaces treated with plasma (below) have stronger adhesiveness than untreated surfaces (above). The material only separates from the glass surface after 50.4 seconds (I), while the untreated material already separates after 32.8 seconds (D). Image: Emre Kizilkan

During experimental tests silicones are curved

Under a scanning electron microscope, the surface of the silicon elastomer with its mushroom-like adhesive elements becomes visible. They are inspired by the microstructures on the feet of certain species of leaf beetles. Image: Emre Kizilkan

Exact parameters for material-friendly plasma treatment

Using a scanning electron microscope, Professor Stanislav N. Gorb (rear) and Emre Kizilkan take pictures of the surface structures with only a few micrometers in size. Image: Julia Siekmann

Especially suitable for applications in microelectronics