PREA Ltd Global Services


PREA Ltd is a British based consultancy with worldwide offices.

PREA Ltd focuses on:
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Private Equity Funding
• Technical Consultancy
• Toll Manufacturing
• Recruitment
• Joint Ventures
• Buying and Selling Companies
• Technology Transfer
• Distribution
• Implementing Quality, Health & Safety Systems/Audits

PREA Ltd has a global clientele, from manufacturing companies that are looking to either acquire, toll manufacture, set up joint ventures or technology transfer. With a growth in the composites markets and the uncertainty in the economic market many companies are looking for funding.

PREA Ltd has investors from the manufacturing sector and private equity companies that are looking to invest either with existing management or new management.

With the industry expanding there has been a demand for skilled personnel. PREA has a data bank of candidates that are looking for new roles from the composite industry. In addition to composites, PREA also works in the plastics, rubber, chemical and other polymer related industries. For any informal and confidential projects please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are launching a new plastic beverage Can that will replace the conventional aluminium Can. The product is patented globally and is up for sale. 


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