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KRAIBURG: TPE compounds for automotive with minimum 73% recycled content

German thermoplastic elastomer supplier Kraiburg TPE (Waldkraiburg; launched a new range of TPE elastomer products for automotive that contain at least 73% recycled content.

Also on the rise for elastomers is their use in automotive interiors and bodies (Image: Kraiburg TPE)

The company said the new range is developed from a combination of various recycled raw materials that guarantee high recyclability and offer a hardness rating ranging from 20 to 95 Shore A.

Kraiburg TPE added that the new materials deliver a 25% reduction in carbon footprint compared with the virgin compound, without negatively impacting performance. The product series is set to replace the companys current Interior PIR TPE ranges in 2024. The material is available to customers in the EMEA region, Kraiburg said.

The compounds can be used to fulfil a variety of automotive interior, exterior, and powertrain applications due to the full range of hardness, including inlays/anti-slip mats, cowls, running board mats, and air guide elements.

Kraiburg TPE also noted that is has an agreement with compatriot aftersales parts platform maker Tessi Supply (Ravensburg;, which will use the grades to produce inlay cases and floor mats.

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