Topic of the Month

Plastic in art, film, music and literature

Part 2: Plastic design

By Guido Deussing

Plastic design began with Bakelite

The history of plastic design began with Bakelite too, because product designers accepted the challenge of creating new objects with the innovative new material for which there were no historical models, particularly cameras, radios and telephones.

Plastics - “you can do whatever you want with the material – and that is xactly the problem designers – or I at least – face”, Konstantin Grcic admitted in an interview in 1988. Nine years later, at “K 2007” in Düsseldorf, Grcic’s chair “Myto” premiered.

Myto is not the first cantilever chair and is not the first one made of plastic either. The prototype was created in 1960 by the Danish designer Verner Panton (1926-1998) with his “Panton Chair”, a chair that is moulded completely in one piece.