Glass-PP composite exhibits superior low temperature performance in rear muffler cover application


The cover on the rear muffler of the BMW i8 is fabricated using a direct long fiber thermoplastic (DLFT) process from a polypropylene (PP) compression molding compound reinforced with long glass fiber rovings. This is the latest instance of the application of Tepex performance composites from Lanxess subsidiary Bond-Laminates (Brilon, Germany).

Bond-Laminates most recently presented the latest developments in Tepex technology at the recent Composites Europe in Germany. In the latest application, an insert made of Tepex dynalite 104-RG601 is used as the surface layer. "With its stiffness at high temperatures, it ensures that the cover undergoes no deformation or failure in the hot environment of the rear muffler. What is more, our composite improves the strength and impact resistance of the component in freezing temperatures," explained Harri Dittmar, composites expert at Bond-Laminates

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