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Dynisco Releases Melt Flow Indexer Featuring New Automatic Sample Cutter

Dynisco has released its LMI5000 Series Melt Flow Indexer with a new automatic sample cutter (Autocutter).  This new functionality offers a more accurate, automated, and safer means of cutting polymer samples. 

Increase Accuracy:

  • When performing a method "A"or "A/B" test the MFR calculation is a ratio of sample weight over time

  • The accuracy of both weight and time influence the accuracy of the measurement

  • The delay from when the LMI signals for a manual cut and the actual time the sample will be cut will influence the MFR value

  • Variations in this delay will add variability to the MFR value

  • The Autocutter will remove this non-repeatability and all but eliminate the delay between programmed cut time and actual cut time

Increased Automation:

  • Autocutter in engaged automatically at cut time in method “A”,”A/B” tests

  • Autocutter can be disabled globally in the settings screen

  • Autocutter can be engaged any time during testing

Increased Safety:

  • Autocutter keeps user away from hot die

  • Samples are deposited at base of LMI for retrieval

  • User doesn’t need to use a palette knife to remove sample minimizing the exposure to the molten plastic sample

  • Autocutter door has an integrated safety interlock

  • When door is open or removed, the cutting functionality is disabled

“The Autocutter feature provides a consistency of sample cuts that one simply cannot achieve by hand,” said Kevin Craig, Lead Electrical Engineer.  “No longer does one need to run multiple Method A or Melt Density tests and average the results to eliminate the “human” factor.  Higher flow rate material that was nearly impossible to test with hand cutting becomes possible with the Auto Cutter feature.”

Other notable features include:

  • Easily removable safety door

  • Enables easy access for Autocutter maintenance and cleaning

  • Autocutter is disabled while safety door is removed

  • Stainless steel cutting wheel

  • Carbide steel cutting blade

  • Integrated into method “A” / method “A/B” tests


More information on the Dynisco LMI500 Series Melt Flow Indexer with Autocutter can be found at:

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