PETform Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Nano Pitch Preform Moulds

PETform has developed a new PET hot runner system allowing for an ultra compact mould pitch of 40 mm. Many components remain unchanged from previous generation, allowing common hot runner component inventory.

On the cold half, PETform has developed a robust mould stack design for 28 & 30 mm necks where the mould pitch can be set at 45 mm x 100 mm. For neck diameters of 25 mm or less, it is possible to reduce the mould pitch down to just 40 mm x 95 mm.

Some benefits of a lower pitch are as follows-
Allows for higher cavitation and hence production rates on the same machine size.
Reduces energy consumption in the hot runner as surface for heat loss per cavity is reduced. This also reduces the load on the chiller for cooling of the backing plates.
Reduces material degradation in the hot runner with shorter flow path (lower shearing and residence time).
Reduces per cavity stress on the clamping unit and energy consumed for mould open & close.
Increases overall clamping surface to absorb clamping force, thus increasing mould life.
Based on this new technology, PETform has built a 96 cavity mould with a pitch of 45 mm x 100 mm for the Husky GL/LX/XL 300 machine that it will display at the exhibition.

As of date, the highest cavitation generally being run on these 300 ton machines is predominantly 48 drops and in a few cases 72 drops. With our new technology, convertors can increase their production rates to up to two times, shot size and plasticising capability permitting.

Exhibitor Data Sheet