Plastiweber - Circular Plastics

Brazilian company concludes its participation at K 2022 with a highlight to an innovative recycled resin solution

The Brazilian company Plastiweber, that develops sustainable solutions for plastics, presented at K 2022 its polyethylene resin with one hundred percent of recycled content. During the trade fair, which happened in Düsseldorf, Germany, the company showed to strategic players of the international market the values of the high-performance solution, which promotes social and environmental benefits, reduces the impact of residues, and has multiple capacity of recycling and applications in new packaging.

 The plastic resins proceed from a circular ecosystem that is composed of more than 50 actors, such as cooperatives, environmental projects, brand owners and retail companies. Through Plastiweber’s technology, all the materials provided by the company’s partners are processed, transformed, and benefited, resulting in different types of resins composed by linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and by low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

 Plastiweber’s Special Projects Manager, Lucas Pellenz, was one of the company’s representatives at the event. He believes that K 2022 was strongly focused on sustainability and recycling.

“All of the leaders and representatives of the plastics industry are worried about those questions and, during the event, have presented future perspectives and solutions for the segment. Plastiweber’s part is to stand up for the relevance of plastics in the transition for a circular economy. The European and international markets want to buy certified post-consumer resins and products with a high percentage of recycled content. Even though the production of recycled resins is high, the guarantee that they are post-consumer resins and have recurrance of quality and supply is something that worries the clients. With the exchange of experiences we had at the fair, we believe that Plastiweber can supply this need for PCR solutions, using our ‘know-how’ of packaging to help the market to have high applicability of PCR resins in its packages. This is possible thanks to the technology we have developed throughout the years”, Pellenz says.

Fourteen companies from Brazil were at the event, and nine of them work with raw materials. Plastiweber offers to the market three types of resins that can be used as a complement to produce recycled shrink wraps or virgin ones.

In 2022, its packaging made out of 100% recycled content won the WorldStar Award, given by the World Packaging Organization, in the category ‘Packaging Materials and Components’. The company has also recently achieved the RecyClass certification for Recycling Processes, an European initiative that validates the pre and post-consumer plastic value chain. 

With 25 years of experience, Plastiweber is also the first recycling company in America to receive the European certificate EUCertPlast, which  attests the traceability and quality of recycled plastics that are produced around the world.

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