60 years have passed sometimes in calm and sometimes in stormy waters, but always keeping our gaze with the bright light of a lighthouse that guided our navigation. So many people have come and gone, so many stories of work, life, friendship, and collaboration have intertwined and have marked the passage of time.

What has remained and unites us with the founding members, and our predecessors, is honesty, passion for work, enthusiasm for challenges and the desire to always do better to satisfy the customers who trusted us and made us grow.

From a small artisan company, SICA has transformed into an international manufacturer with three sites in Italy, United States of America and India and sales throughout the world.

Thanks to the shareholders for their vision and courage; to employees for their ideas and sense of responsibility; to suppliers for product quality and service reliability; to all those who have supported us and made us known beyond borders; and above all, to customers, who after 60 years of activity, renew their trust in us every day, are an incentive for technological and professional development and help us keep our determination and our enthusiasm.

Nothing is taken for granted, goals are reached with many sacrifices and continuous teamwork, and then they are exceeded; we come out strengthened and looking to the future together with confidence.

On the occasion of our 60th anniversary, an infinite and a heartfelt thanks to all of you!

Valeria Giacomoni
Managing Director – President

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