Topic of the Month April 2016

Intriguing concept: making nylon from a volatile compound

Source: istock / ArtMarie

Butadiene and isoprene: important intermediate products in plastics manufacturing

Over 10 million tons of butadiene and isoprene are annually produced under considerable energy consumption from fossil fuels, a market of over 15 billion euros. Source: istock /zorazhuang

Essential oils – interesting approach for the production of sustainable plastics

Structure of Isoprene.

Interesting insight into the structure of terpenes

Crystals of linalool dehydratase/isomerase in a drop of protein solution.
Photo: Sina Weidenweber, Max Planck-Institute of Biophysics, Frankfurt

From nature to the laboratory to industrial application

Closer to a solution

Structure of linalool dehydratase/isomerase. Five identical proteins form a five-membered rosette. In black, the substrates bound on the enzyme are shown. In a shell of protein helices lies the substrate, which is contacted by a loop of the adjacent protein. (Source: S. Weidenweber et al.)