ASS Maschinenbau GmbH

ASS Robot-Hand-Kit (EOAT) with Stable Prices

A glance at the new and modern facility of ASS in Overath, Germany.

Higher Quality - Same Price

ASS provides stability and reliability even in prices. Despite rising raw material and energy prices and higher supplier prices gripper components of the ASS Robot-Hand-Kit (EOAT) also have stable prices in 2016.

Through optimized manufacturing processes, the additional costs could be counteracted again. "Even though rising raw material and supplier prices" comments Managing Director Reinhold Ziewers "ASS again was able to compensate price increases by manufacturing processes, which are in the continuous process constantly improving."

Manufacturing and Assembling by Qualified Personnel

A large part for stable prices belong to the infrastructure of the building and staff planning:
Modern manufacturing centers in combination with traditional cutting machines enable optimal planning and utilization for the production of standard gripper parts and customized special elements.
A significant impact on the utilization has resources planning: Our trained professionals master up to three working shifts if necessary. Currently about 100 employees are at ASS in Overath, each contributing in its field to increase the quality of gripper components, robot hands and automation systems.

For large-scale projects in the plastics and automotive industries, the hall has a flexible area of approximately 500 square meters. Here individual robots, production cells or entire production lines can be built, tested or put into operation for projects.

Quality Management and Quality Assurance - Made in Germany

A part of quality assurance is that all ASS gripper components developed, designed and produced Overath. All concerned elements are delivered with the highest quality standards according to the EC Machinery Directive, have a declaration of incorporation or a declaration of conformity.

To meet the high demands of the plastics industry quality management of ASS has been certified again successfully according to DIN ISO 9001. ASS slso audited quality certificates "Renewable Energy", which certifies that renewable energy sources are used and the quality certificate "Safe with chemistry", it certifies a professional and safe handling of the chemical resources used.

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