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110 years ago: windscreen wiper patent for Prince Henry of Prussia

Source: istock / Eucalytes

Grand Admiral, car enthusiast and pilot: Prince Albert Wilhelm Henry (in the picture [source unkown]with his wife and his sons) of Prussia (1862-1929) was in his element at sea, on land and up in the air.

Drawing of the “Window cleaner for the front windscreen of motor vehicles” invented by Prince Henry of Prussia, that was included with the Patent No. 204343 granted by the Imperial Patent Office on 24. March 1908

It takes at least half a year for windscreen wipers made from chloroprene rubber to wear out. During this time, they complete more than half a million wiping cycles, ... Image: istock/prill

... travel a good 800 kilometres doing so and keep a total area the size of 60 football fields free of water and dirt. Image: istock / AlexKosev