Photo: Chris Lefteri

"This marks the collaboration that I started with K team in 2010 with the aim of bringing more awareness to designers of this mega-show that brings everything designers ever need to know about plastics together in one roof -or more precisely 18 roofs.

Since my first visit in 2003 it has struck me that it is an event that if you only attended for three days it would provide more information that you would gather in six months of desk research.

During the build up to K 2022 we will be populating the site with features on what is certainly one of the hottest topics of the age: plastics.

We will be posting interviews with leaders across medical, automotive, consumer electronics and sports on the use of materials and plastics in their work and industries."

– Chris Lefteri

Designer, author and materials expert Chris Lefteri takes you on a curated tour of K 2022

Highlights among the most important plastic innovations for designers




Sunday, 23rd of October
Monday, 24th of October

10.30 am

90 minutes

Limited to 20 people


Hot Topics of K 2022

Circular Economy

Plastic cycles must be closed. Let's set a good example!


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Climate Protection

Extraordinary times require extraordinary materials.