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Foto: Guido Marschall, Moderator des K-Talks

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„Plastics Industry – Facing The Challenges“

from 2022/10/13

Photo: K-Talk 9
Photo: K-Talk Packaging/Logistics

"Rethinking Plastics Packaging"

from 2022/09/01

"Plastics in the construction industry - building a sustainable future"

from 2022/07/21

Foto: K-Talk Construction
Photo: K-Talk Mobility

„Plastics in motion - How polymers change the automotive industry“

from 2022/06/30

“Industry Climate Neutrality: Wish – Reality – Future”

from 2022/05/17

Foto: K-Talk Chemistry, Copyright: NOWEA
Photo: Electronics

"Plastics meet electronics - Circularity at its best"

from 2022/04/28

"Digitalisation - Enabler for Circular Economy?"

from 2022/03/24

Foto: Digitalisation, Copyright: NOWEA
Copyright: PantherMedia/monstArrr

"Modern medicine needs plastics"

from 2022/02/23

Climate protection and plastics - do they go together?

from 2022/01/20

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