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VDMA about Circular Economy

Exhibitor Statements

Exhibitor Statements

Dick Hoogerdijk, Director Marketing & Business Development Regional Headquarters EEA, Mitsubishi Chemical, Düsseldorf, Germany, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan
Despite a day off, the Marketing Director likes to take time for an interview: "For the first time, we present all our divisions under one roof. They have been represented at the K for many years, but always individually with their own booth. It is important for us to move together within the company in order to create a sense of community and to exploit synergies.“ Mr, Hoogerdijk also wishes to emphasize the corporate philosophy behind the word "Kaiteki": "There are three pillars behind it: innovation, sustainability and efficiency. Not everything can always exist at the same time. For example, we give enough latitude for development to innovative or sustainable ideas. Even if these are not economical at the moment. In this way, we can ensure long-term success."
Sebastian Heitkamp, Global Marketing Manager, Cabot Switzerland GmbH, Switzerland
Carbot Corporation is a major provider of specialty chemicals and high performance materials. The headquarter is located in Boston, USA. The company delivers a broad range of products and solutions to customers in every corner of the globe, serving key industries such as transportation, infrastructure, environment. Of particular importance at K 2019 is carbon black and the production of the so-called Master Batch, a concentrate of carbon black with polymers. Mr. Heitkamp states: "We have had a booth since the 90s, but it has grown enormously to the stand size of today only since 2013. The K is just enormously important for us: Here, the entire value chain meets unique in our industry and makes every year that the K takes place a success. "

Hilmar Backer, Senior Manager Europe Communications, Corporate Affairs, SABIC, Saudi Arabia
SABIC is the abbreviation for Saudi Basic Industries Corporation. The company was founded in 1976 and is primarily active in the oil industry. Mr. Backer explains the development: "Initially, the founders had the idea of using and commercializing gases as a by-product of oil extraction, and later on established the chemicals business, which included manufacturing end-use applications such as granules, successful." The K has been the most important trade fair for SABIC for twenty years, the Dutchman emphasizes and adds: "Here we present our innovations for the first time in order to engage in direct exchange with customers and market partners."

Alexander van Veen, Managing Director & Commercial T&D for Europe at Braskem, Headquarters located in Sao Paulo, Brazil

"The K is going very well for us. Compared to the last time, our impression is there are more visitors here, and the topic of recycling is very present," says Mr. van Veen. He adds: "However, the offering is still rather limited, which confines the use in more demanding applications, but the development is fast-paced and exciting." Speaking of sustainability: Braskem has a special pioneering role: since 2007, the company produces the world´s first bioplastic (Green Polyethylene) in large scale, using sugarcane as raw material. The production process for this bio-based resin removes CO2 from the atmosphere and is thus sustainability in its purest form. At K 2019, Braskem has announced the I´m greenTM brand extension as the full circular economy range and part of its journey in this area. Mr. van Veen concludes: "Our native country, Brazil, has the biggest production of our bio-based resins because the climate there is ideal for growing sugarcane, but the biopolymers deliver a value for many clients across the world."
Marjolein Groeneweg, Senior Global Marketing Communications Leader, Performance Plastics, Trinseo, Philadelphia, USA
Previously, Ms. Groeneweg was solely responsible for the preparation and organization of the K-booth of the American rubber and plastics manufacturer. This year she handed this over to a colleague and acts as a mentor. She says: "One year of preparation is at least to be expected. But logistics is only one thing: internal communication and the coordination of all the parties involved, the other." We had the acquisition of API this year, so many new needs for the exhibition stand have to be taken into account. "In terms of content, the motto "Rethinking Innovation" is in the foreground. Ms Groeneweg states: "We too are intensively shaping the topic of sustainability and have created a symbol for our common goals, to which we appeal both internally and externally."
Hartwig Bleker, General Manager, Marketing & Corporate Communications and Franz Lübbers, Executive Board President & CEO Industrial Division, Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG, Germany
A long search for the booth of the nearly 200 years existing German industrial enterprise is not necessary: The design follows this year's motto "Selective Industrial Processing" and represents an impressive historic railway station and therefore stands out clearly from the hall. For our interview, we retreat into a quiet corner at the busy booth. Mr. Lübbers says: "We are symbolically in the waiting room and the statement is that we want to travel together with our customers and market partners to the future! The challenges of our time can only be mastered together." Röchling spares no effort for this symbol, because the presentation at K represents the most important marketing measure of the company.
Patrick Steinwendner, Head of Marketing & Product Management, NGR GmbH, Austria
Mr. Steinwendner accompanies the K for the first time as Head of Marketing for the recycling machine manufacturer NGR and he knows well about the importance of the fair: "Our motto is: After the fair is before the fair. It is necessary to present something new on every K. And the audience is unique: Otherwise there is not such a wide range of visitors at any fair concerns both the internationality of visitors and the spectrum of content." On the subject of recycling, the expert wants more uniformity in packaging production: He mentions: "Far too often, packaging can not be recycled due to unfavorable, mostly individual and not published composition. There is a need to catch up, so that the green marketing promises of the manufacturers lead to ecologically sound results.“
Rob Buntinx, President Europe, Middle East, Afrika, INEOS Styrolution Group GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
The INEOS Styrolution Group GmbH is a well-known supplier of styrenics, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Mr. Buntinx states: "With sales of around 60 billion euros, INEOS is one of the largest chemical companies in the world and we are still privately owned and not a stock corporation, just like competitors." Focus at their K-exhibition stand is the launch of the ECO product family. The native Dutchman summarizes: "At the core it's all about sustainability, reusability and efficiency. But to get aa worldwird change and to to be successful with it, all market partners have to pull together. So we are looking for strong cooperation partners, who can realize this vision with us together."

Visitor statements

visitor statements

Katrin Heidbreder and Marc Mende, digibox GmbH, Deutschland
The colleagues comte to K regulary: “We have appointments with customers, are looking for new business contacts and want to be well informed about trends in the industry“, explains
Katrin Heidbreder, CEO. “The fair is also optimal to let us be inspired creatively.
It is obviously that the industry wants and needs a more lively and open communication. This is reflected in logos, visuals and the entire booth structure,“ Marc Mende mentions.
digibox as an agency is specialized in technical products and supports companies in marketing and communication issues.
Antonio J. Farah Junior, Rafael Barros Pilon, Mitsuo Yusuta, Tiago R. Fregolente, Cipatex Group, Brasil
The Brazilians colleagues have been sent by their Brazilian company Cipatex. Operating in the plastic, chemical and non-woven fabric industries, Cipatex is present in the Brazilian and in the international market. Its products cater for the markets of footwear, bags and accessories and furniture only to name a few. Mr. Pilon states: "I have been here several times and there are a lot of recycling companies this year, so no wonder sustainability is omnipresent and growing every year. Also in the field of raw materials the business changed.“ „In our company developments are faster, also,“ adds Mr. Fregolente.
Luca Albanese and Angelo Buscemi, Vitillo, Italy
The Italian business men are looking forward to a successful day at K. They are not here for the first time in Düsseldorf and appreciate the good organization of the fair. Their aim is to have as many constructive discussions as possible, because the time is very short with one day's stay. Mr. Buscemi says: "We produce rubber hoses and are looking for suppliers of raw materials. But of course we also use the opportunity to maintain existing contacts."
Tobias Herzog, General Manager, Tailorlux GmbH, Germany
For the first time, he visits the fair and after a few hours his expectations were met: “I wanted to visit customers, who already use our industrial marking solutions and talk about their experiences. Our customers are for exemple global market player, who want to support their brand and products from plagiarism.
How their service works, Tobias Herzog can demonstrate directly. Is it plagiarism or not, you get the result in just a few moments. The marking concepts of the German company solve specific requirements within production, distribution chain, product warranty and recycling.

Mr. Kunjankumar Patel, Mr. Divyesh Ghelani, India, University of Ahlen, Germany
Both of them just finished their studies at the University of Ahlen and use their stay to contact potential employers. Mr. Patel is optimistic: "We both prepared well with the "K App" and would like to have jobs in Polymer Technology as a Simulation Engineer for example." Here at K we find all the important companies in one place, so the show is essential for our self-promotion. " However, there is one aspect that both still need to work on. Mr. Ghelani says: "Our German skills are not perfect yet, but we are motivated and practice every day!"

Herr Mannetgulyyer and Begmyrat Meredov, Turkmenistan, Asia
Mr. Mannetgulyyer studies Engineering and Mr. Meredov Business Administration. They are from Asia but have been in Magdeburg for a year to gain international experience. The two ambitious students want to become self-employed in the manufacturing industry. What exactly, they still keep it to themselves. Mr. Mannetgulyyer says: "The K is well-known beyond our borders and not only since we are in Germany, we know the event, so it was a good idea to make a detour from Magdeburg to Dusseldorf to get some inspiration for our planned business. " Mr. Meredov adds: "As a business student, I work on many new technical topics, and I get a lot of input learn at the K."
Zaharovs Vladislavs, Chief Technology Officer, Propolymer, Russia
The question of how many times he has already visited the fair, he must think about. Because he already worked for different companies in different countries in the business. He is now in the PVC industry working for Propolymer, a compounder producer. What attracts him as an industry expert is: “Some countries are more involved in the development of new ideas and technologies, some less. Thinking of the Russian market the price is usually more crucial in comparison to other. Innovations have to be payable.”
Florian Mönkemeyer and Hannah Buchheit, Students, Freiburger Materialforschungszentrum, Freiburg, Germany
Just arrived at K they describe: "We are vey are impressed by the size of the fair. It is good that we have three days to stay here. We want to win more practical experience at K. We learn a lot, but more theory, of course. It still takes a bit till we start into a professional life, but we are already looking how exhibitors present as an employer." Regarding another future theme: "Sustainablity is a big focus at K, we are sure, it will be still the topic at the next K and it will grow."

K 2019 Highlights

K 2019 Highlights

One of the main attractions of the K 2016 is the special show in Hall 6. This show already complements the extensive ranges on display for the tenth time now and will come under the heading of “Plastics shape the future” just like in 2016.
At the VDMA pavilion, specifically set up for the Circular Economy Forum right in front of Hall 16 on the outdoor premises, an extensive program with talks, presentations and workshops on the circular economy gets to the heart of the matter.

The Science Campus „Where Business meets Science“ gives exhibitors and visitors to K 2019 the opportunity to gain a concentrated overview of scientific activities and findings in the plastics and rubber sectors, while businesses and universities have the chance to exchange information and experience.

The Rubber Street in Hall 6 is a firmly established feature of the K trade fair in Düsseldorf, and 12 companies participate in this showcase for the rubber sector.
Machinery and equipment fort he plastics and rubber industrie a the biggest part at K 2019. More than 1.900 exhibitors showcases themselves concerning these themes in halls 1 to 4 and 9 to 17.
At K 2019, raw material and auxiliary specialists present products at the leading edge of polymer science. The focus is on materials with superior resource efficiency that allow a more balanced economic and ecological performance and which can be recycled at the end of their life cycle.
Another topc: Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling.
Services, research and science, last but not least, for example in hall 6.

Press Walk

Press Walk

The concept campervan VisionVenture is a joint venture of BASF and Hymer and the first showcase of the Creation Center in Ludwigshafen. More than 20 innovative BASF materials were used in the design of this new vehicle class that sets standards in terms of lightweight construction, self-sufficiency, travel experience and design. Several components such as the wheel arch lining were made by a 3D printer. The outer walls consist of a seven-centimetre honeycomb structure that insulates well, thereby saving energy, and which can filled – depending on the outside temperature – with warm or cool air in no time to ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

Most conventional shoes are made up of several different materials and are therefore very hard to recycle. Covestro presents an innovative method for manufacturing a trendy and functional shoe just using one material. This concept shoe consists entirely of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and was engineered by the Chinese footwear designer Axis Liu. The raw materials for this shoe are based on CO2 and bio mass.
EREMA strives for a change towards more circular economy and to this end is presenting 14 different classes of waste recycled into high-quality regranulates, one of which is converted into new finished products right at the exhibition centre. At the Circonomic Centre, on the outdoor premises in front of Hall 9, EREMA has succeeded in realising and showcasing over 30 cooperation projects together with customers and partners, representing the complete value chain at K 2019.
Circular Economy: this major theme of global responsibility is catered to by the Austrian family business Engel at K 2019 with not one but several machines. A Victory injection moulding machine is used for converting post-consumer waste into transport crates. Despite the complex component geometry a recyclate percentage of over 50% can be achieved for crate production. By company accounts, the clean-grade sorting is key here. Engel exclusively uses recycled, post-consumer polypropylene for producing these transport crates.
At K 2019 Arburg “goes as digital” as ever with its arburgXworld. At the in total eleven interactive stations of the “Road to Digitalisation” visitors will learn more about “Smart Machine”, “Smart Production” and “Smart Services”. On their ALLROUNDER 570 A ARBURG will run a particularly “smart” application. The electric machine is incorporated into a turn-key system and produces high-end Uvex glasses.
At K 2019 LANXESS is also launching an electric racing car made for the “eMotorsports Cologne Team” that weighs in as little as 200 kg as new application examples of automotive serial production. Young engineers from the Technical University Cologne (TH Köln) produced this for the "Formula Student" project. The students looked for a lightweight but extremely hard-wearing material, because, in terms of mass and weight, the adage “less is more” is even more relevant to e-vehicles.

Looking behind the scenes - K 2019 setup

Looking behind the scenes - K 2019 setup

Countdown to K 2019 – for several days now all 18 halls of the Düsseldorf fairgrounds are filled with vibrant work.
From 16 to 23 October, K 2019 is the meet and greet of the international plastics and rubber industries.

More than 3,300 exhibitors from 61 nations, including all the big names in the industry, present their latest products and new developments.

They all are making the fair the world’s premier innovation and business platform.
Some 200,000 trade visitors from all over the world are expected.
When the work for the construction team is finished, we welcome everybody at K 2019!