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Exhibitor statements

Kuwait, Ahmad Al-Saleh, Business Director, EQUATE:„ For me it is the third time at K and to be honest, the K performed well compared to the last two times. The organization is good and we have a lot of interesting business-contacts. This year we show our new branding and we really live our philosophy "Partners in Succes". What makes EQUATE unique are high quality, reliability and the special service for the customers. Sustainability is getting more and more important for EQUATE, that is what you feel and see at their stand with a hugh waterfall, which makes the atmosphere silence and pleasant.
Germany, Siamak Djafarian, Vice President Molding Compounds, Evonik Segment Performance Materials:"After nine years working in Asia, for me it is the first K. I am pleasantly surprised by the large number of international visitors,with whom we are not regulary in contact", he explained. When we think of Plastics Division evonik offers PMMA (PLEXIGLAS) and polyamide products or monomeric for plastic machinery. At K the main themes are for example lightweight, sustainability and delivery security to global customers.
Germany, Dr. Andreas Holländer, Speaker, Fraunhofer Polymer Surfaces Alliance POLO K changed in the last years. Right now Fraunhofer presents their portfolio in the modern established area Science. "Here at K all institutes of Fraunhofer, which work with plastics come together. So we meet a lot of different visitors with different questions and interests. That is great!" Mr. Holländer is glad about the varied talks and discussions.
United Arab Emirates, Bilal Effendi, Director, PAKLITE. PAKLITE is a multinational, polymer compounding, recycling and trading company. "The K is the biggest fair for the plastic people. It is really a good business platform." The company wants to be more known in the international market, that is the mean reason for being part of the K for the second time.
U.S.A., Thomas J. Deman, Global Marketing Manager Polyethylene, Larry R. Gros, Global Polymers Product, Alechia Crown, Global PE New Product Manager, ExxonMobil Chemical Company."Of course Exxon is an exhibitor for many years and launches new products at K like this time the Exceed XP," Thomas J. Deman told proudly. "K is a great place to demonstrate the best technologies and show performance", Larry S. Gros mentioned. ExxonMobil and equipment manufactures demonstrate new polymer and processing technologies together.
Brasil, Renato A. Yoshino de Lima, Director Comercial PE, Braskem. Braskem is well known as one of the largest thermoplastics resins producer in the Americas. "At K we focus on a lot of highlights, but one is our new brand UTEC." So Braskem sells its high performance UHMWPE under the trade name UTEC. For him it is very important to be part of the K, because K is a good possibility to get in touch with customers and explain new developments.
Germany, Svenja Göttermann, Materials Technology and Stefan Epple, Head Akkr. laboratory, IKT Universität Stuttgart:"We want to give our research attention, which concentrates in product development (non-destructive testing of fiber-reinforced plastics), materials technology (3D-printing for special solutions) in general," they told. In this year they particularly pleased about the high interest of students in the teaching program and they like the open and friendly design of the area "Science Campus".
Netherlands, Aline Stanworth, Communication Leader Europe, Engineering Resins, Innovative Plastics Corporate Communications, SABIC and Germany, Michaela Stamm, Sr. Communications Business Partner, SABIC. SABIC is a global company concerning with raw material manufacturing PP, PE, PVC, PET, ABS to PC and high heat resistant resins and functional components. "At K we have business talks for example with automotive-clients about themes like security and lightweight," they explained. "When we think of product designer plastic is a really good material to work with, because of its weight and product features."
China, Xiaotong Deng, Board Director, Assistant to General Manager, Siiico Technology Co. Ltd. "We have two premieres there at K: We are an exhibitor for the first time and ERE SRE-40, the brand new machine is launched and presented to the trade fair visitors." The interest is also high at the part of the exhibitors, so Mr. Deng has a lot of business talks. Special about the machine is the mechanical structure based on Elongation Rheology Extruder. "We have developed the machine for more than ten years and now show the second generation of it," he explained.

Visitor statements

Germany, Gabriele Ritter, distribution, Ehl Rohstoffe GmbH:"I am glad to spend a lot of time for business talks with clients." She visits the trade fair since a long time. "K is not only important but also very big." That is why she goes directly to areas about raw material, which are important for her.
Iran, Ahmad Attar, Managing Director, Namvaran. The company Namvaran works for the oil, gas, petrochemical and mine & metal industries. "I am only here for one day and only to listen to one seminar with National Petrochemical Company (NPC), also located in Iran. That makes the K extremely interesting."
Spanien, Isabel Mariá Martines Pérez, technische Abteilung und Juan Carlos Expósio Volero, Produktion, La Torreta, Coop.V. sind in der Gummiindustrie tätig. Ihr Arbeitgeber ist spezialisiert auf Schuhkomponenten wie Gummiplatten für Sohlen. Für Isabel Mariá Martines Pérez ist es das erste Mal auf der K:„Es gibt so viel zu sehen, da werden wir die zwei Tage, die wir hier sind, wirklich brauchen." Die Kollegen freuen sich auf Gespräche mit Rohmateriallieferanten.

India, Jamanbhai Balda, Managing Director, Balson Polyplast Pvt. Ltd. The Indian company is one of the leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of advanced irrigation systems. "Agriculture polymers – that is what we are concerned with and I am looking for new developments, because we will expand. At K I will look and learn as much as possibe," explained Mr. Balda.

Portugal, Carlos Oliveira, Amtrol-Alfa, Gilberto Martins, Codeplas and Carlos Ornelos, Codeplas. "Our companies have a collaboration, so we work together and also visit the K together," told Mr. Ornelos. For him it is the third time at K, they stay for two days and want to see innovations and are especially interested in the topic engineering plastics.
Egyptian, Anne Moglia-Aan, Regional Representative, EEC:"I live in Sweden and work for a company in Egyptian and I like to work and travel very international. So of course, I visit K in Germany. It is my first visit at K." She meets well known businesspeople and is glad to meet also new contacts.
At K she is especially interested in plastic raw materials.
France, Alexandré Sarbu, development department, Soprema. Soprema is well known for waterproofing, roofing and insulation systems. "For me it is the second time at K and I stay for three days. These days are really necessary, if you want to inform you detailled. I am especially looking for sustainable solutions."
Poland, Mateusz Galczyk, Sales Manager, bei PaGaPlast:" I visited a lot of trade fairs, K for the first time. If I compare to other fairs, K is really good organized and well structured. You get a good overview of the market." PaGaPlast is a Polish company for purchase and sales of used injection molding machines and other machinery for plastic processing.

Plastics shape the future

Learn, try and discover! That is what kids, younger people and professionals can do at this special show at K. Kids of Robitik AG, CJD Schulgemeinschaft Königswinter, present their handmade robots.

Dr. Gerhard Heywang shows and explains experiemts with plastics in a special show. This time under the motto “Plastics shape the future”, the focus will be especially on the functionality, aesthetics and sustainability of plastics.
Not only informative, but also entertaining!
Opening speech: From the beginning of the special show, journalists, visitors and exhibitors have been very interested. So come, see and discover more in hall 6.
Dr. Josef Ertl (CEO PlaticsEurope Germany) on "Plastics Shape the Future."
This special show at K 2016 is a project of the German plastics industry under the leadership of PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V. and Messe Düsseldorf.


Machinery and equipment Occupying about two thirds of the exhibition grounds, exhibitors from this particular group will show their products in halls 1 to 4 and halls 9 to 17.
So international machinery and equipment manufacturers are the largest group of exhibitors at K 2016, present an abundance of world premieres.
K 2016 is a unique opportunity for showcasing their products to an international audience. There is no event in the world that attracts such a wide variety of specialists.
Raw materials, auxiliaries, semi-finished products, technical are the second part of K 2016.
At K 2016, the companies offering semi-finished products, industrial components and reinforced plastics products show a high innovative force and a wide variety of products.
Energy- and resource-efficient products have become more important than ever before, as they can meet the most challenging requirements.
The 3D fab+print touchpoint in Hall 4 is a central information stand on the topic additive manufacturing, which is also known as 3D printing.

Press tour

Covestro devices are expected to become ever faster, thinner, lighter and more rugged at the same time. They will boast aspirational and fashionable design, be “hip” and “authentic” to the touch and be made of sustainable materials nonetheless. Covestro has recognised this trend and come up with a new composite technology for the efficient production of housings and other components, which is based on thermoplastics and carbon fibre and fulfils all of these requirements. Covestro makes these into strips and plates for further processing by customers. They are suitable for cost-efficient and flexible mass production with short cycle times and high yields. The look and feel of these plates is different to that of conventional semi-finished plastic products: they have an organic feel to them and are cool to the touch due to their good thermal conductivity. Upon impact they sound metallic. Displayed at the stand you will find notebook covers, to name but one exhibit. Covestro Halle 6, A 75-1-3
BASF und Hyundai Motor have entered into a partnership yet again: their Concept Car RN 30 fuses innovative solutions from the chemical industry with fit-for-purpose aerodynamic design and specific high-tech features. Designed as a sports car for race tracks, its low weight and low centre of gravity are decisive. Instead of the carbon-fibre reinforced plastics (CRFP) commonly used for weight reduction, alternative lightweight construction materials by BASF were used here for the first time. Thanks to their very good flow properties PUR-RIM and integral rigid foam systems made of Elastolit®, for example, demanding design elements such as fenders and spoilers can be produced. Hall 5, D21/C21
Wittmann-Battenfeld The creased look is reminiscent of paper but in actual fact the bag presented at the stand of Wittmann-Battenfeld is made of a soft and yet hard-wearing TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). The highlight, however, is the machine used to produce this bag using a tool care of Haidlmaier: the SmartPower 350/3400 from Wittmann-Battenfeld’s servo-hydraulic SmartPower series is a real power pack: despite its high clamping force of 3500 kN it combines extremely low-noise operation with a small footprint. A treat for K 2016 visitors: at the trade fair you can have one of these bags personalised with your own message. Simply enter the name or desired wording at the terminal and scan the printed out QR Code at the delivery station. Once the code was scanned the next bag in production will be transported to a laser printer and printed accordingly. Wittmann Battenfeld Hall 16, D 22
Science Campus 1865 – this is the year BASF was founded and this is also where the story of “Concept 1865” starts – the e-bikes BASF jointly developed with the design agency DING3000. “Concept 1865” pays tribute to the early cycles and the way they looked in the mid-19th century and it also answers the question: What would the first bicycle with pedals have looked like if today’s technology and materials had been available? What is so special about Concept 1865? Of course, its design but also the fact that this cycle consists almost 100% of plastics. Only the brakes, axles and the motor mounted in the rear hub are made of metal. There is no chain, sprocket wheel or back-pedal brake; the crank directly drives the big front wheel (39 inch). The rear wheel is noticeably smaller (24 inch) in order to achieve a better transmission ratio. All up to date an electrical motor graces the rear wheel. The battery of the Concept 1865 is hidden in the saddle. Altogether 24 state-of-the-art BASF plastics were used for the e-bike study Concept 1865, which are gaining ground especially due to the rising importance of e-mobility. Science Campus Hall 7, Stand SC 15
Fraunhofer Often the devil is in the detail - like nanometre-thin surfaces and boundary layers which are pretty hard to understand and recognise by laymen. This is why only some examples were integrated in the sailing yacht Josephina to demonstrate the properties achieved by the institutes involved in the Fraunhofer-Alliance Polymer Surfaces POLO®: Barrier films on organic solar cells and OLEDs, sails made of foil, surface-optimised fibres in the CFRP mast and release-agent free moulding, artificial fibre rigging, heating and thermochromic layers, friction-reducing layers, anti-ice coatings, anti-fouling coatings and scratch-proof layers. Incidentally, the little sailing boat is sea-faring and nothing stands in the way of it being built in a large format. Fraunhofer Pavilion Hall 7.0, SC01
Kids Robotic Since 2000 the CJD college community in Königswinter has offered robotics working groups. At K 2016 the kids from one of these working groups will present the robots they built and programmed and that have won them many a competition. Robotik AG working groups aim to arouse an interest in technology and IT and to keep it alive by participation in competitions.
The 3 little ones can already compete in the FIRST LEGO League Junior (6-10 years), while young adults take part in the RoboCup Junior (10-20 years). The point of departure is building and programming of robots based on the Lego-Mindstorm systems. The experienced students then change over to robots that they control with industrial micro-processors and equip with industrial sensors and drive technology.


3D - Bioplastic - Design Chain Enjoy the exemplary overview of three themes in the conferences.
3D Fab + Print Summit The 3D fab+print touchpoint in Hall 4 is a central information stand on the topic additive manufacturing, which is also known as 3D printing.
The 3D fab+print Morning Summits focus on both material developments and different additive manufacturing processes, addressing best practices, application scenarios, market potential and costs.
Bioplastic Business Breakfasts Bioplastics have gained a lot of attention in recent years as a supplement and sometimes alternative to conventional plastics. Anybody wishing to learn more about their potential will have numerous opportunities to do this on exhibitor stands at K 2016 and in several Bioplastic Business Breakfasts.
Patrick Zimmermann (FKuR) In addition, bioplastics Magazine will be offering three events in cooperation with Messe Düsseldorf to allow visitors to deepen their knowledge.
In a relaxed atmosphere the visitors had a lot of opportunities for detailled talks, so networking was also a very important part at the Business Breakfasts.
Design Chain@K The Design Chain@K conference at K 2016 presented an insight into the practical and technical aspects of innovations in the design chain.
This event offered both designers and material companies the possibility to demonstrate the use of polymers in different product areas.
Examples have been included from the automotive and medical industry, consumer electronics and the packaging sector.