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Recycling plastics with bio-technology

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New prospects for genuine recycling

Plastic in a circular economy

Scientists have developed an ingenious idea that promises to be a solution to the Dilemma of downcycling. They are working on a plastic that acts like a set of Lego, in that its components can be taken apart at the molecular level and can then put back together again in new forms, textures and colours without any loss of performance and quality.
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Foto: Plastikprodukte Foto: Plastikprodukte
Swansea University

Is glue the answer to climate change?

A small amount of cheap epoxy resin replaces bulky support materials in making effective carbon capture solid sorbents, developed by scientists at the Energy Safety Research Institute of Swansea University.
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VDMA Circular Economy Forum as central hub for Circular Economy at K 2019

Recycling plastics sensibly