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Plastic in art, film, music and literature

When talking about plastics, it is usually in the sense of technical applications or with environmental aspects. However, plastics are more than polymer materials for technical applications. The term "plastic" alone has a meaning that predestines its use in the fine arts, and which K-online addresses in a series that begins today.
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Kyushu University, I2CNER

Molecularly thin interface between polymers - for efficient CO2 capture membrane

Composite membranes for CO2 separation contain different functional layers in their structure. We found that when selective layer in composite membrane is made ultimately thin - it forms specific interface with supporting gutter polymer, and this structure shows unexpectedly high selectivity towards CO2 over nitrogen. This new finding provides the way to develop better membranes for CO2 capture.
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Logo Association German mechanical and plant engineering, VDMA

VDMA Circular Economy Forum as central hub for Circular Economy at K 2019

Interview series on circular economy

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Logo Globals Plastics Alliance

The Global Plastics Flow Study is the first of its kind to document facts and figures about the circular economy in 44 countries around the world in a uniform and comprehensive manner.

Foto: Bakterien

Recycling plastics with bio-technology

No Plastic Waste in the environment

Logo: Alliance to end plastic waste

Eliminate plastic waste in our environment

Recycling plastics sensibly

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Material with added value

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