Exhibitor interviews K 2013 -- K Trade Fair

Exhibitor interviews K 2013


Billion and the passion for plastics
Jörg Wittgrebe explains what passion for plastics means to him. The export situation for Billion is a good one at the moment and the managing director talks about biodegradable material and challenges to be faced in the future.


Arburg and additive manufacturing
Helmut Heinson oberserves a raising demand on plastic products worldwide. The managing director sales of Arburg talks about main innovations that concentrate on energy and production efficieny as well as about the emerging markets.


Braskem concentrates on green strategy in Europe
According to Mark Nikolich the European market buys green. The CEO of Braskem talks about sustainability and why this is relevant to Europe as well as about emerging markets such as South-America and Eastern Europe.


Engel introduces a plastic break pedal
The current climate of the plastics industry is one topic of the interview with Gerd Liebig working for the company Engel. The group marketing director also introduces a plastic break pedal for the automotive industry.


Sustainability a big topic at K
The Science Campus accommodates the tree of life. Prof. Dr. Christian Bonten, Head of Institute at IKT in Stuttgart, talks about the exhibits made from biobased or CO2-based materials hanging down from it. According to the expert these materials experience a high demand in the packaging and an increasing demand in the automotive industry.

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SABIC and the customer relationship
Khaled Al-Mana talks in the interview about SABIC's vision in the current world of plastics compared to the last K in 2010. According to the executive vice president sustainability is strongly connected with the polymer business.


The Japanese business community at K
Dr. Andreas Moerke, president of Messe Düsseldorf Japan Ltd., talks about the importance of the Japanese business community for K and about the uniqueness of the Eastasian country.

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Negri Bossi of SCAMI about business situations
Silvio Tavecchia is managing director at Negri Boss and talks about the situation of the plastics industry in Italy and internationally and about the importance of K.

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The special show 'Plastics move the world' and the initiative kai
'Plastics move the world' is the title of a great special show at K. Dr Rüdiger Baunemann from PlasticsEurope explains what the show is about and also mentions the initiative kai dedicated to attract people to work in the plastics industry.


Alphacam and additive manufacturing
Parts produced via additive manufacturing are shown at Alphacam's booth. CEO Michael Junghanß speaks about developments in the area of additive manufacturing as well as about the relevance of K.

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Touch your future
Prof Hans-Werner Schmidt from the University of Bayreuth introduces an interactive web based map connecting education with jobs in the field of polymer science and technology.

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