Plastics Industry Magazine -- K Trade Fair

Plastics Industry Magazine

Publishing House: Saatnia Publishing Group

Contact: A.A. Saatnia (CEO & Editor-in-Chief); R. Saatnia (Executive Editor); P. Saatnia (Co-Editor)

P.O.Box 16118-586
Tehran, Iran

+98-21-7760 8172;
+98-21-7752 7067-9;
7750 2802
Fax: +98-21-7750 7160

Frequency: monatlich

Print run: 4,200; E-Paper (13,000 Recipients)

Target group: Managers & Executives of Plastics Processing Companies, Machine Manfacturers, Mould Makers, Students, Goverment Officials, petrochemicaal industries, Associations, Suppliers.

Area of circulation: Iran, Middle East, Italy, Germany, Canada, China, USA

Plastics Industry Magazine