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the pulse backflush screen changer

the pulse backflush screen changer
The new high-pressure pulse backflush screen changer is the latest product developed by Deao of self-owned Chinese invention patent and international invention patent. There is no need to change the screen, but backflush of rapid pulse by little clean material in the machine. It is a symbol of internationally advanced technology, and is especially applicable for the machines of waste recycling and granulating, and direct waste processing.
Performance Characteristics:
1、Equipped with a strong pulse screen washing system (of self-owned patent ), screen washing online available, cleaning rate of the filtering screen up to 80%-95%, no production interrupt, more than 200 times of usage of the filtering screen (depending on the density of the screen).
2、Filtering area from 365 cm2 to10000 cm2, initiative internationally (international patent), advanced technology, already put into practical application.
Application fields:
1、Applicable to all the kinds of plastic products.
2、Applicable to the production line of chemical fiber, rubber, collosol, adhesive, coating and finishing materials and other blending agent products, used for filtration of the material mixture.
Technical data
Screen size L×W (cm) Screen area(cm2) Pressure (Bar) Heating Power(kw) Output(kg/h)
DHZX-1800 47×19 900×2 ≤250 14 ≤3000
DHZX-2000 47×21 1000×2 ≤250 14 ≤4000
DHZX-2250 53×21 1125×2 ≤250 14 ≤4500
DHZX-2700 53×25 1335×2 ≤250 14 ≤5400
DHZX-3300 66×25 1650×2 ≤200 20 ≤6600
DHZX-4400 88×25 2200×2 ≤200 20 ≤8400
DHZX-5650 94×30 2827×2 ≤200 20 ≤11300