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stf group presents label scraper at k-fair 2013 in duesseldorf

stf group label scraper

The STF Group, Aicha vorm Wald, Germany (www.stf-group.de) specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of plastic recycling and washing machinery components and complete systems, especially for PET post-consumer bottles. STF is the European market leader for PET post-consumer bottle recycling with 130.000 t/year processed directly at the STF plant and 400.000 t/year in Germany using STF machinery and technology. NOW NEW: Introducing the STF-LS LABEL SCRAPER, a new machine concept designed for the DRY REMOVAL of bottle labels. 95% removal of labels and full body sleeves from PET bottles with minimal damage to the bottle itself and without loss of necks and caps is guaranteed! STF has tested and improved the LS LABEL SCRAPER over a period of two years in STF’s own Plastic Recycling facility in Aicha vorm Wald, Germany before releasing it to the market. The STF-LS LABEL SCRAPER is equipped with hardened knife-tips that are adjustable for different bottle sizes and throughputs. Also they have proven an extremely long durability between changes, making the operation of the STF-LS LABEL SCRAPER very economical compared to other systems available. There are more than 13 STF-LS LABEL SCRAPER machines in operation since its release in 2011.

After the labels have been removed from the bottles, the separation of 2D and 3D fractions and fines can be accomplished with a Ballistic Separator or with a simple suction device for the labels and film pieces. These are very valuable materials and STF offers a complete recycling system for those fractions that are not recovered into the PET stream. The concept is 100% recovery of all material and zero losses. This is how the STF-LS LABEL SCRAPER pays for itself in an extremely short period of time. The STF-LS LABEL SCRAPER should be a vital piece of equipment for any new PET bottle recycling line, but can easily retrofitted in any existing PRF or sorting line in front of existing PET washing lines. A small footprint and the easy adaptation in existing lines is one of the specialties of the STF engineering capabilities.