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single plate screen changer

new sealed compensation screen changer
The new sealed compensation screen changer, or as is called, the plate screen changer, is widely used for the production of various plastics and chemical fibers. It is of high performance/price ratio, and ensures the screen changing without machine halt, or any material leakage under high pressure. Therefore, it is especially applicable to large scale machines of film blowing, pipe making, plate making and granulating, etc.

Performance characteristics:
1、Automatically compensates the sealed surface clearance(self-owned patent), high-pressure resistant, high-temperature resistant, and no material leakage. Contain screens of large filtering area, especially appropriate for high yield production line under high pressure.
2、No need to stop the working machine when changing the screen, easy to operate and maintain, reliable for higher production output and lower energy consumption, 80%-90% down of waste material caused by screen changing.

Application fields:
Applicable to the production of various thermoplastic, chemical fiber, rubber, collosols, adhesive, coating and finishing materials alike, mainly used for filtration of the material mixture.

Technical Data

Type Screen—Dm(mm) Heating Power(kw) Pressure(Bar) Output(Kg/h)
DHB-70 Φ70 4.4 ≤500 60-250
DHB-100 Φ100 6.8 ≤500 110-400
DHB-120 Φ120 8.6 ≤500 140-550
DHB-150 Φ150 9.8 ≤500 200-800
DHB-170 Φ165 9.8 ≤500 300-1000
DHB-200 Φ200 11.6 ≤500 400-1200
DHB-250 Φ250 16.4 ≤500 600-1800
DHB-300 Φ300 16.4 ≤500 800-2500