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new continuous screen changer

the new continuous screen changer
New continuous screen changer
The new continuous screen changer and new four-screen recycling screen changer are especially applicable to foaming plate products such as XPS, EPS, EPE and cast film. It ensures the screen changing without machine halt or production interrupt, which has been widely tested and verified in production practice.

Performance characteristics:
1、No need to stop the working machine when changing the screen, no material explosion, noiseless, no material leakage, or production interrupt while working.
2、This screen changer (self-owned patent ) is characterized by the convenience and safety to change the filtering screen with it. It is time-saving to install the filtering screen with the screen changer, and there is no need to manually disassemble the machine, adjust the para-position screen, or install the lock pact between different screens, thus the screen changing operation will be reduced by 90%.
Application fields:
1、Applicable to all kinds of plastic products.
2、Applicable to the production line of chemical fiber, rubber, collosol, adhesive, coating and finishing materials and other blending agent products, used for filtration of the material mixture.

Technical Data:
Type Screen type (mm) Heating power(kw) Pressure
(Bar) Output
DHBL-80 70×70 3 ≤350 ≤250
DHBL-100 100×90 5.6 ≤350 ≤450
DHBL-130 120×110 6.8 ≤250 ≤550
DHBL-150 140×130 8 ≤250 ≤900
DHBL-200 190×170 10 ≤250 ≤1500