T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG

injector for EPP, EPS, EPE, Piocelan, E-por

Inkektor with a pistondiameter from 6 and 50mm

T. Michel Formenbau und HEE develop new injectors to fill particle foams. On the 2nd generation was the patented Quick lock system (2-parts system injector) serious extended.

All different injector types could be collected in the system sleeve. The air consumption is reduced on 22% in spite of the same material  throughput. The complete servicing period of the injectors are unter 2 minutes. All air connections could now affiliated from the bottom- or back side of the injectors (option). Series of the red line injectors adjusted for EPP-material and biggerpearls light particle beats (less 20 g/l).