iNOEX moves to Melle

iNOEX new location

iNOEX moves to new location:
A new face to face the future

iNOEX has a long tradition in a niche market where it is leading in technology. The company develops and produces intelligent sensor systems, measuring and control technology as well as process engineering equipment for the extrusion industry. For almost 30 years which implies a long-term experience, iNOEX has developed revolutionary ideas which were turned into innovative systems and system solutions for the pipe, profile, cable and film extrusion process. iNOEX systems are used by medium-sized companies as well as by leading multi-national company groups – integrated into their new lines or as retrofitting equipment for existing production lines. Renowned extruder manufacturers benefit from the company’s know-how by integrating the latest measuring & control technology into their extruder control which gives them an automation concept of their own.

The shareholders and the management of iNOEX continue to expect good prospects for economic growth and in this context they have given their go-ahead for the construction of a new facility featuring an office building, production site and technical lab. The target was set to further increase iNOEX‘s technical performance in R & D, to improve production facilities and to set up perfect conditions for a technical lab. The customer’s production process with its individual features continues to be the guideline and the focus for iNOEX because – as Arno Neumeister points out: “We have gained our experience in practical use and this continues to be the base for all our future developments. The creation of added value is our guideline.“ By investing into a new facility in Melle, the company further strives to be leading in cost efficiency in a very competitive market. This was one of the reasons to invest in KANBAN and supermarket systems as well as into a highly modern LeanLift where system parts are stocked. In order to be able to respond to the complex demands by customers on quality and efficiency, iNOEX has in the past intensified the co-operation with universities, institutes and strategic partners, which has all contributed to further advance in innovative technology. The university of Osnabrück which is close by is another advantage of the company’s new location in Melle.

When they entered the new building, the EXTRUSION team immediately noticed a picture showing the typical iNOEX cubes. Written on the cubes was CHANGE and CHANCE which symbolizes that the change of location also represents a great CHANCE for the company. All over the office building pictures can be seen with individual mottos and targets of each department. Among others there is the SERVICE picture with "welcome", "customer first", and "we care" written on it. This is to underline the company’s complete orientation toward the customer.

In several areas of the building there are so-called communication centers represented by modern kitchens because – as Arno Neumeister points out: „Innovations frequently fail because »communication« is considered only a surplus to requirements within the development process. A want in communication may unnecessarily obstruct the success of new ideas or products. For this reason, also an inner courtyard was build where the staff is given the opportunity for communicating in very agreeable surroundings.“

Since 2002 iNOEX has been active in the volume markets of the United States and China with its own sales companies located in Lancaster and Beijing. This strong orientation towards international markets is represented in many spots in the new building. For example, the conference and meeting rooms were named after the locations of all the subsidiaries of the company group.

Asked for an outlook to K’13, Arno Neumeister replied: „On this K’ show iNOEX will again present a number of innovations and among them will be a brand new world novelty to underline our long-term claim ‘THE FUTURE OF EXTRUSION’.“


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