Zhejiang Wankai New Materials Co., Ltd.

get the “green” in SGP of Coca-Cola

(Correspondent: Liujun) ON Oct 10-12, 2012, Coca-Cola Company entrust SGS audit team in our company for 3 days SGP V3 audit about the site, personnel, recruitment, safety, environmental protection and other aspects, finally our company got the superior grade “0” points.

SGP V3 is a new facelift revision of the Coca-Cola supplier audit system, To the enterprise social responsibility audit the more strict regulations and requirements, Green "0" points is the highest level, namely no point deduction and rectification; It is very rare in the Coca-Cola supplier system. The good result is the struggling achievement by all of the staff and also is the embodiment of our enterprise pay attention to social responsibility and strengthens internal management. In the future development course, Wankai Company will promote the management, pay attention to the humanistic care and build up the first-class brand and influence in PET industry.