battenfeld-cincinnati to showcase sheet extrusion tech at NPE2012


battenfeld-cincinnati USA (formerly American Maplan Corp.) will showcase its extrusion of high quality sheet for packaging (booth 911). In addition, the company will also introduce its new multi-touch roll stack. battenfeld-cincinnati’s 75-mm (3-inch) single screw extruder series has more than 150 lines installed worldwide. The extruders offer energy savings of up to 30%, shorter start-up and reversal times.

Due to short residence times, higher material melt quality can be realized. Output ranges from 400-2000 kg/hr depending on material and application, with higher outputs possible by adapting motor power and screw speeds. In North America, most extruders are in the middle output range and used for direct feeding of thermoforming machines, the company stated. Common materials processed are PP, PS and A-PET, but the battenfeld-cincinnati extruder series can also be used for ABS, PLA and other polymers.
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