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auto belt screen changer

belt screen changer
The automatic mesh belt screen changer is mainly composed of the screen changer, the heating and cooling system, and the electric control system. There is no need of manual operation of the screen changer because the material fluid inside flows by itself under the pressure caused by the melt production.

Performance characteristics:
1、Automatical and continuous screen replacement without manual operation.
2、No fluctuation of material flow, no product deformation, excellent quality stability.
3、No waste product or waste material, and little material consumption occur when the screen changer works.
Application fields:
Mainly used for the production of PP, PE, ABS, PS, PMMA and other materials, and widely used for the cast film, sheet, plate, optical fiber, various drawings, granulators and other products of high quality and long production process .

Technical Data:

Type Screen Belt W(mm)×L(m) Heating power(kw) Pressure
(Bar) Output
DHW--70 76×10 2.5 ≤400 ≤200
DHW--100 107×10 3.5 ≤400 ≤500
DHW--120 130×10 5 ≤350 ≤800
DHW--150 160×10 7.5 ≤350 ≤1500
DHW--170 180×10 12.5 ≤350 ≤2000
DHW--200 210×10 14 ≤350 ≤3500