Zotefoams implements MuCell tandem extrusion line

The company has commissioned a new tandem 3.5 x 4.5” extrusion line that can deliver up to 52” wide sheet foams using the MuCell microcellular foaming process. Initially the company is running LDPE materials with plans to expand its product range to other polymers such as PP and PA.

In manufacturing light density foams the MuCell extrusion technology is useful for applications like seals and tapes where microcellular foam allows surface-to-surface conformance with very good skin quality and gauge control. In addition, microcellular foam can be used for thermoforming applications where top load and impact properties are critical.

Thermoforming of microcellular foam allows weight reduction while retaining impact qualities and surface quality. Furthermore, MuCell extrusion foam products feature a microcellular foam structure of fewer than 100 µm, which results in a stronger and better looking finished product.

Trexel and Zotefoams have a partnership that dates back to 2008, when the two companies formed MuCell Extrusion LLC, a company that markets and further develops the microcellular foam-based extrusion technology.