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Ziegler Instruments new Stick-Slip Stand SSP-04 - exclusive Presentation at Marubeni´s stand

No Squeak and Rattle

Test Stand for the tribological investigation of material pairs, especially to measure stick-slip phenomena.

Our newest development, the Stick-Slip Test Stand SSP-04.

Simplicity and user friendliness was our main focus while developing the test rig. The control elements with the material samples are easily accessible and clearly arranged. The overall size makes it possible to place it inside a climatic chamber.


Determines the coefficient of friction for material pairs under typical operating conditions

Objective measurement of stick-slip phenomena

Determination of a Risk-Priority-Number

Prediction if material pairs are acceptable or unacceptable

Suitable temperature range of -40°C to +85°C

The standard VDA 230-206 measuring mode is worldwide accepted

Investigation of wear and abrasion

Technical Areas of Applications

The test serves to capture Stick-Slip phenomena and determines the coefficient of friction for material pairs under typical operating conditions. The standard VDA 230-206 measuring mode has established itself worldwide ton investigate the behavior of leather, artificial leather, fabrics, thermoplastics, coatings and metal. Input parameters are normal force and relative velocity. The test can be performed in a temperature range of -40°C up to +85°C at humid, dry and wet humidity. An attached sensor captures the temperature and humidity.

High relative velocity

The high relative velocity of 1 to 200 mm/s enables new applications like the simulation of window regulators and sliding roofs. The know wear and abrasion tests from the SSP-03 are still possible. Additionally individual test scenarios for Stick-Slip behavior can be implemented.