Coperion GmbH

ZSK Mc18 – Next generation of compounding extruders

The next generation of the ZSK twin screw extruders by Coperion GmbH (formerly Werner & Pfleiderer), Stuttgart/Germany, is making its world public debut at the K 2010 in Duesseldorf (October 27 to November 3, 2010). The new ZSK Mc18 features a 30 % increase in specific torque to 18 Nm/cm3. When it comes to compounding with high energy input, this series provides increased throughput by up to 30 % and at the same time – due to the higher degree of fill – to improve the quality of the compound. With new sizes of the machine series, such as the ZSK 82 Mc18, the ZSK compounding systems even better meet the throughput requirements of the market. The machine sizes available in the ZSK Mc18 series range from 32 to 119 mm screw diameter. Visitors of K 2010 will be able to view a comprehensively equipped ZSK 82 Mc18 on Coperion’s booth B33 in Hall 14.
This significant increase in performance of the ZSK Mc18 series was achieved through the interaction of numerous improvements made at all operating stages of the machine. A significant contribution to the 30 % increase in specific torque was made by the use of new, aerospace-proven high-performance materials for the screw shafts. These materials ensure full transmission of the torque from the drive unit to the screw elements. Several technical improvements enable the temperature control in the process section to work with the increased throughput of the ZSK Mc18: Shrink-fit oval barrel liners improve heat transfer, cartridge heaters generate heat exactly where it is required, and an improved cooling system ensures uniform distribution of temperature. Together with improved insulated barrel cover, these adaptations have brought an outstanding improvement in the energy efficiency of the ZSK Mc18.
The configuration of the screws in the process section is configured individually to each application and thus ensures optimum uniformity of the melt. The wear and corrosion resistance of the screw elements, which in the standard version is highly effective, can be optimized for specific applications through the use of special-purpose materials. The ZSK Mc18 series has retained the well-proven screw diameter ratio of Do : Di = 1.55, where 'Do' is the outer diameter and 'Di' the inner diameter of the screw. This ratio not only represents the very optimum in terms of transmissible torque and free volume but also enables scale-up and modernization of the existing ZSK MEGAcompounder PLUS to the new ZSK Mc18.