Young entrepreneur builds website for molding professionals

It didn't take long after Mark Wong was hired by an injection molding company to realize that finding good employees in the industry is a difficult and time consuming process. "We have several different needs here and finding quality help is very hard," Wong told PlasticsToday. "There are a lot of job boards out there but most are a bit broad and very general so it's difficult to find the specific industry you want to focus on."

So Wong set about to develop his site called Molding Connections. The site is specifically designed for the injection molding industry, both employers and potential employees. The site will accept resumes from anyone looking for any type of position in the industry including managerial positions to engineers to set-up and process technicians - any job that an injection molding company requires.

The new interactive website provides a career platform where companies with personnel requirements and molding professionals can connect, while offering a variety of resources ranging from industry news to interview tips. The Online Job Board acts as a manufacturing and molding career central hub, all at no cost to companies or individuals.

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