Yes, Ben, there really is a great future in plastics: Salary survey proves it


Most of us who've been in the plastics industry for at least the last two decades have probably heard this comment many times: "Did you see The Graduate?"

Yes, we've either seen that iconic movie that helped to put the plastics industry on the map, or we've heard about it. Dustin Hoffman plays the young man Ben, who's just graduated from college, and can't seem to decide on what to do with his life. At a party, Mr. McGuire pulls Ben aside and tells him that his future lies in just one word: Plastics.

"There's a great future in plastics," said Mr. McGuire to Ben.

And surely that must be true given that so many of us have made our livings in this industry. Gros Executive Recruiters, in collaboration with the Society of Plastics Engineers, released a salary survey for plastics industry jobs, and truly there's a great future in plastics.
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