Yantai Wanhua represented at CPI Polyurethanes Technical Conference/UTECH North America 2010

In addition to the central theme of "Your trustworthy partner for PU solutions”, Yantai Wanhua will demonstrate its commitments to global supplies, technical innovation and green technologies.

Commitment to Global Supplies

By the end of 2010, the total capacity of the Yantai and Ningbo MDI plants will reach 800 kt/y. The new Wanhua Bajiao Chemical Industrial Park is already under construction and will contain a further 600 kt/y MDI and 300 kt/y TDI, resulting in a total isocyanates capacity of 1.8 million t.

Technical Innovations

Yantai Wanhua continues innovations in aliphatic isocyanates. Both HDI and HMDI production have started and novel ADI isocyanates such as IPDI and XDI will be added to the range in the none too distant future.

China's biggest TPU supplier is also Yantai Wanhua and new TPU products will be presented at UTECH including ADI-based, and halogen-free TPU's, plus hot melts and super soft varieties.

Green Chemical Technologies

Yantai Wanhua is committed to green chemistry-based solutions and sustainable developments in the PU industry including:Water-based PU's for coatings and adhesivesPalm oil-based green polyether polyolsInsulation materials for energy efficiencyZero-E straw boards from crop straw with zero formaldehyde emissions

CPI Polyurethanes Technical Conference

Two papers are being presented at the CPI forum by Yantai Wanhua including: "Environmentally friendly PU coating technologies” and "MDI visco elastic slabstock foams”.