World's first thermoplastic composite wheel


Sabic, Kringlan Composites (Otelfingen, Switzerland) and other industry partners are working to further advance the development of the world's first thermoplastic composite wheel. The wheel leverages the properties of Sabic's polyetherimide (PEI) resin and Kringlan's three-dimensional composite design capabilities to create a material solution that can be used to replace heavier traditional materials, such as metal and aluminum alloy.

"Combining Sabic's high-performance Ultem resin with Kringlan's proprietary three-dimensional manufacturing technology for carbon composites offers OEMs the opportunity for reduced weight, lower production costs, as well as material recyclability. When compared to other thermoplastic materials, the Ultem resin composite concept offers superior strength at high temperatures, dimensional stability as well as resistance to chemicals," says Thierry Materne, Vice President, Technology & Innovation for Sabic's Innovative Plastics business.
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