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World debut in injection molding: Anti-adhesion of PUR by plasma only

By „nature“ PUR foams like to stick to the mold. In order to prevent this adhesion the mold the inner side of the mold is sprayed with a release agent first, with the risk that this agent might deposit on the finished plastics part. A different method is a durable coating, but for this process the mold must first be demounted, then be sent to a specialized company for the removal of the old coat and deposit of the new one and then be mounted into the machine again. A costly and time intensive process.

Plasmatreat GmbH, market leader in atmospheric plasma technology and CeraCon GmbH, engineering specialist for foam sealing systems will present as a world first a new anti-adhesion solution. The system partners will demonstrate how the atmospheric plasma technology Openair® allows the release-agent-free processing of polyurethane by in-mold coating and in-mold regeneration. To produce a layer an organosilicon compound is admixed with the atmospheric-pressure plasma employed here. Due to the high-energy excitation in the plasma this compound is fragmented and deposited as a vitreous layer on a surface.

The green coating process by the name of PlasmaPlus® is a completely new method of selective anti-adhesion coating, taking place inside the PUR injection mold. The anti-adhesion effect is only generated by a plasma polymerization in the mold. Release agents or other wet chemicals are displaced by the green plasma process and also the mentioned removal of the mold for a new coating process can be eliminated since worn off coatings do not have to be removed anymore. The regeneration of the old coat can now take place for the first time in the mold itself.

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