Work force development is more than old “tool shop” mentality


R&D/Leverage is bridging the gap between work force development and innovation, providing opportunities for bright, creative minds.

R&D/Leverage has developed into more than just a mold manufacturing company. Over the past decade, the company has transformed into a full-service plastic product developer, helping brand owners go from idea to tooling and then manufacturing. R&D/Leverage's packaging capabilities include mold manufacturing for injection PET tooling and injection blow-molds. Beyond that R&D/Leverage provides brand owners with research including retail audits, trends and color studies, ethnographic research, feasibility studies and a full range of support functions.

R&D/Leverage is far from the old-school "tool shop" or "moldmaking" mentality. With all of those out-of-the-box services the company provides to brand owners, it has to be continually thinking about its work force development, and that involves much more than just finding and keeping good moldmakers. Today's R&D/Leverage has developed its own "brand" that attracts the region's (Lee's Summit, MO) best, using today's tools of choice such as its new web site, trade show presentations and advertising along with technology, innovation and a comprehensive apprenticeship program....
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