Work advances on bioglass replacements for metal implants


Several researchers are exploring the potential use of composites made of degradable bioplastic and ceramics to replace metals as fastener implants that attach tissue to bones.

One of the more advanced projects in the new medical technology is at Purac, which last year acquired the FiberLive technology from Vivoxid Ltd., Finland.

"This technology will be a game changer in the orthopedic resorbable market, where load bearing properties are needed, such as trauma and spine applications," said Menno Lammers, managing director, Purac Biomaterials. The FiberLive technology is the strongest fully resorbable material available for human implants, with strength up to six times higher than cortical bone, comparable to metal".

There are several problems with metal fasteners often used today, said Michiel van Alst, director of new business development and marketing, Purac Biomaterials at the MedTech Polymers 2012 Conference held by PlasticsToday and MD+DI last fall in Rosemont, IL.

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